Resonance Show Choir

By on 4-09-2014 in Campus Organizations

Resonance Show Choir

Story and photos by Emily Huynh


Since its creation in the fall of 2008, the Resonance Show Choir has experienced immense growth in the past 6 years. Comprised of 40 members, 20 male and 20 female, the group is travelling out of state for the first time to help host the FAME National Championship Series in Orlando.
President Morgan Mullen has been with Resonance since her freshman year and has witnessed much of its growth. “My freshman year we had about three or four performances which were smaller scale. Now we have not only our major concert but at least one cabaret per semester, high school festivals (used for recruiting) and national anthems at sporting events,” she said.
Each semester, Resonance typically performs one main concert with 7-9 songs. In addition, the show choir also performs smaller, cabaret style performances, allowing individual members to showcase their talents. This is a huge progression from Resonance’s early years, where it would only perform one show a semester. To audition, students can find Resonance at Get on Board Day. Afterwards, interested students can attend the dance clinic and proceed to their audition.
Resonance has grown not only in the amount of performances, but also in the quality of performances. “The members of the group are incredibly talented and driven. We have been so inspired by our group members and their willingness to work hard, even when the end goal isn’t easily foreseeable,” Mullen said.
With its energetic and livening performances, it’s no surprise that Resonance has experienced such tremendous growth in the past year alone. The group hopes to continue to perform and grow in the years to come.


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