Technology on Campus

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Technology on Campus

By Emily Huynh

Available Technology


            In recent years, The University of Alabama has increased the amount of available technology resources on campus. Places like the Sanford Media Center and Rodgers Library offer a variety of different software, cameras, and equipment available for student use.  All of these services are offered free of charge with minimal or no training required.

3D Printing


            One of the most unique, innovative resources that The University  offers to its students is 3D printing. The 3D Printing Studio, located in Rodgers Library, is available to all students who complete the training workshop. In addition to the studio, UA also maintains a 3D Printing Lab, equipped with six 3D printers. Located in 160 Hardaway Hall, the lab offers 3D printing services, free of charge, to all UA students.

Senior James Cannon enjoys working at the lab because of its creative aspect. “The 3D Lab has given me the opportunity to work on creative projects with the art department, the archaeology department, pretty much everyone around campus.”

Currently, the Hardaway lab is working towards opening another printing studio next door that will be available to anyone on campus.

Mac v. PC


            The everlasting debate between Mac and PC users thrives on UA’s campus.  While students tend to lean towards Apple products, there are still many avid Windows users at the University of Alabama. As expected, Mac users lean towards iPhones, while Windows users lean towards Android phones.

Freshman Nick Harris, majoring in electrical engineering and owner of a Dell Inspiron computer, is loyal to the PC and the Android. “[Androids] are open platform, and I can add my own SD card. Plus, it has cooler apps.” Harris also believes that the Android user interface is friendlier.

While freshman Andrew Thomas, a computer science major, owns both a Mac computer and iPhone, he states that he really has no preference. “I like using iMessage on my computer, but they’re both really the same thing.”

The Mac versus PC debate will continue in the years to come as technology continues to change.

Supe Store


            Students that enjoy Apple products will certainly enjoy the technology section in the Supe Store. In addition to offering repairs and general tech troubleshooting, the Supe Store offers a wide range of Apple products.

“Macbook Pro laptops are our best sellers,” says Senior Marilyn Collins, an employee at the Supe Store.

Aside from Apple products, the tech section of the supply store offers headphones, tablets, speakers, and other fun gadgets.

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