Tyler Kingkade of The Huffington Post said, “Fewer students are choosing to major in education.”
Students have leaned towards majors that offer jobs traditionally making more money that that of an education major. In the end though, do we really want education majors choosing the career path of a teacher solely based on money? Or should their decision to become a teacher be based upon something else, something deeper?
”Your heart has to be in it too because you get out of it what you put into it,” said Alyssa Viladiu, a senior education major.

It is said that being a teacher is the most rewarding job out there. Teachers are meant to be role models, listeners and most importantly, they are supporters.

“Teachers are people who make students know they are cared about,” said Ally Baker, a senior education major.
“A teacher is someone who changes the way you think,” Viladiu added.

The job of a teacher does not end when he or she steps out of the classroom. Teachers spend hours preparing their lessons, making sure they will meet each student’s needs perfectly.
“I always want to make sure I have everything planned out in advance and make sure my lessons will hold my students’ attention,” Baker said.
Baker spent the semester working with fifth graders at Buhl Elementary while Viladiu taught preschoolers at University Church Preschool. Their student teaching experiences gave them a whole new perspective on what it means to be a teacher.
Instead, a teacher inspires students to not only learn, but to love learning. The hands-on experience offered to students through the education college impacts students and motivates them to pursue what they love as they make a difference in the lives of children.