Ramma Jamma Ultimate

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Ramma Jamma Ultimate

Story and Photos by Emily Huynh.

The success of Women’s Ultimate has drastically improved this past year at The University of Alabama.
“We’ve done so much better within a semester, and we’re actually winning most of our games, which has never happened,” Captain Andrea Muñoz said, a senior majoring in Biology.
In addition, this is the first year that the club team has not had a coach. This season, the team traveled to tournaments in Tallahassee, Atlanta, Nashville, and Gainesville.
Playing Ultimate since her freshman year, Andrea Muñoz has seen the growth of the team over the past few years.
“It’s been really fun to see each individual get better, but also see the team get better,” Muñoz said.
With 22 women on the team, two hour practices three times a week, and seven tournaments, it’s no surprise that the team is tightly knit. Co-captain Caroline Marsh, a junior majoring in Food and Nutrition, says the close bond she shares with her teammates is her favorite part of being on the Ultimate team.
“The unity that we have and getting to hang out with each other, it’s a great pastime,” Marsh said.
Women’s Ultimate isn’t just about working hard; it brings together a unique group of people that all share a love of the game.



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