RipTide Dance Crew

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RipTide Dance Crew

Photos by Lian Zhu
Story by Tori Vines.

Created in 2005 by Alabama Alum Christina Webber, the RipTide Dance Crew specializes in hip-hop dancing, but is capable of performing any kind of dance. The crew is made up of about 25 members who all love to dance. The RipTide Dance Crew performs on campus each year at various events such as the NPHC Stepshow, the homecoming Choreography Contest and a University of Alabama volleyball game.


Club president Kaira Ellis said she joined the team her freshman year because of her love of hip hop and she wanted to be a part of a crew that shared her same interests in dance and hip hop.



RipTide members pose for a group picture: Tinsley Roberson, Jonathan Davis, Ernest Philon, Marcy Harris, Alexandria Drakeford, Dee Dee Gardner, Dalal Shahid, Lizzie Urrutia, Ben McGee, Jill Weaver, Staffany Langford, Ali Money, Sarah Webster, Rebecca Maynor, Kaira Ellis, Mary Jo Armstrong, Breanna Walker



Marcy Harris, Lizzie Urrutia and Dalal Shahid practice their routine.



Ben McGee freezes a dance move.



Jonathan Davis and Ernest Philon high-five during their routine.



Ernest Philon performs one of his favorite dance moves.


Jonathan Davis laughs while he performs a routine.


Sarah Webster and Steffany Langford practice their routine together.

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